Radermacher - Lambertus


« A rich & diverse collection »

Two centuries of expertise and a rigorous selection of its raw materials go some way towards explaining the distillation secrets of the Radermacher distillery. Uncompromising on quality, it remains faithful to ancestral traditions and recipes while bowing to the demands of modern production, which come together to create distillates of an exceptional purity.


« Tradition & authenticity »

Lambertus 10 Years Single Grain Whisky matured for 10 years in oak casks was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the distillery. Its unique and splendid richness is due to the perfect harmony between the malt, the fine grain and the subtle note imparted by the oak.

COLOUR: The long storage in oak casks lends the Lambertus 10 Years its amber, sparkling colour and its appealing viscosity.

AROMA: Subtle malt bouquet surrounded by a fine touch of chocolate, nuts and roasting. The fine and pleasant aroma reveals the whole maturity of the grain.

TASTE: Delicate malt attack combined with roasted and vanilla flavours. Sumptuous, full-bodied taste where fineness and balance predominate. Splendid and soft final enhancing the subtlety of the oak.

Take your time and close your eyes ... This emotion should be savoured in a balloon glass slowly warmed up in the palm of your hands.

Radermacher - Lambertus 10 ans
Radermacher - Lambertus Smooth


« The sweetest whisky emotion »

Issued from a recipe dating back to J. Zacharias, the pharmacist of the family, this Lambertus Smooth Malt Liqueur, flavoured with honey and herbs, was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the distillery.

COLOUR: Dark amber colour with a brilliant touch of old copper.

AROMA: Delicately perfumed with vanilla and caramel notes, the Lambertus Smooth Malt Liqueur develops into a splendid final of honey and herbs.

TASTE: The subtlety of the malt with a smooth note of honey meets the fineness of aromatic herbs.

Appreciate the richness of aromas and the subtle flavour of the Smooth liqueur in a balloon glass … A delicious moment of seduction.

- single cask -

« An exclusive pleasure »

The Lambertus Single Cask Whisky is issued from a rigorous selection of the best barrels and bottled without chill filtering at 48.4% vol.

Every numbered bottle contains a maximum of aromatic energy and concentration, a privilege which is usually reserved for the master distiller only. Attractive by its delicate complexity, the Lambertus Single Cask Whisky perfectly expresses a very special kind of originality.

COLOUR: Amber.

AROMA: Captivating bouquet of chocolate, black cherry and toasted hazelnut and a beautiful variation of wooded and floral notes.

TASTE: Beautiful expression, a pronounced chocolate and cocoa attack which gently blends with notes of mocha, caramel, raspberry and violet.

Radermacher - Lambertus Single cask
Radermacher - Lambertus Single Malt


« Our passion for the unusual »

The Lambertus Pure Single Malt undeniably seduces through its exceptional ageing in casks made from American white oak (Quercus alba), which for two years refined an extraordinary premium tequila. This delicate interplay flourishes into a harmonious palette of tastes between the distillate and the various characteristics of the oak by merging the softness of the malt with wonderful notes of fruit and herbs.

COLOUR: Its amber and sparkling colour reveals an appealing viscosity.

AROMA: Malty and floral, delicate and smooth. A touch of nutshells, praline chocolate and warm woody notes which engage with flavours of coconut, mango and dried hay.

TASTE: This nectar combines freshness and sensuality and is anything but aggressive in its approach. Caramel, barley and mocha notes blend with the full flavor of mature pear, mirabelle plum, banana and liquorice.

An epic moment best enjoyed with closed eyes… You’ll leave behind all your sorrows!